Personality Predictions


Within the first couple weeks of Fisher’s life I made a few  personality predictions based on a some newborn behaviors I noticed. I must say as a caveat, I don’t really believe my observations are an accurate method of predicting future personality, but thought it would be fun to document just the same. You know, just in case I am right.


Prediction #1: This girl is going to be a major flirt. I tell you, she already knows how to work those big eyes of hers. I’ve seen it. She looks you dead in the eyes, bats her lashes a few times quickly and softly squints all the while releasing a small smile. It’s coy. I fall for it every single time and her papa doesn’t stand a chance.

Prediction #2: She’s going to be wonderfully autonomous. Fisher is perfectly content being by herself. I can put her in her bassinet and cook lunch and she entertains herself. At night, we place her in bed and she puts herself to sleep.


Prediction #3: Nothing is going to get past this one; she’s keenly observant. I attached a little wrist friend thingy to her carseat one day and she noticed it immediately the next time I put her in. She zeroed in on it, her eyes got round and huge and then she started smiling like crazy.


And, Papa made a prediction of his own too. He thinks she’s going to be intelligent and nerdy…. in the cutest of ways, of course.


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