Klyde Warren Park

Christopher took us girls to Klyde Warren Park on Sunday to check it out. We had a wonderful time walking around, chatting about our new life with this precious little being. I cannot wait until Fisher gets a little older. (Well…. yes I can.) She is going to love coming here. And, I’m going to love bringing her. There’s water to splash around in, lawns for picnics, a dog park, jungle gyms, play grounds and games to rent. It’s going to be so much fun to watch her play. photo 1Food Truck Park^^This little one wanted to be up and in the mix and who could blame her. It was her first time in Dallas. There was people watching to do. So, we took turns holding her while the other ate. I ordered a banh mi from Nammi and have been dreaming of eating another ever since. So good.^^photo 3^^This inquisitive girl was looking all around as we pushed her around the sidewalks of the park and DMA. Up at the tall buildings. At trees. At her momma and Papa. And those eyes – so intense!^^Fishyinthecitydallas2^^This week she really has started to take notice of the world around her in new ways and it’s just about the coolest thing to watch. She started deliberately touching and grabbing things and not with tiny, balled up baby fist. But with open curious hands. These milestones are coming and going so fast. It’s bittersweet watching her grow up.^^Dallas1photo 6


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