These First Three months

Yesterday was my last weekday with Fisher; I go back to work on Monday. These days with my baby have been the best – filled with snuggles, days laying in bed, laughs, coos, and tons of firsts. We also had plenty of tears (from both of us), difficulty nursing (but we eventually got it!), a couple diaper disasters, a vaccine reaction, sickness, sleepless nights, and all that other not so “romantic” side of parenting. But even those things (although not so wonderful in the moment) were wonderful to do looking back, because of who I was doing them for.

Here’s a quick recap of these first three months:

DSC_0990DSC_1007 DSC_0999

Weeks 1-4: Fisher, your first stop after the hospital was Lolli and Pops. There was a major snow and ice storm and us new parents felt safer having you there; you were only two weeks old when you first smiled and it was directed toward your panda bear (I have it on video so you can watch it one day); you discovered sticking out your tongue; you smiled at Uncle Brett on Christmas day; around three weeks old you decided mama and papa’s bed was best so after your 5 am feeding you’d fuss until we put you next to us. As soon as we did you’d fall asleep instantly; you had your first two pediatrician appointments. We love Dr. Charette and you’re healthy and perfect; you met many of mama and papa’s friends and their children. We hope their children become some of your closest friends; you turn your head when you hear mine or papa’s voice; you don’t cry and you’re so patient with us; you celebrated your first Christmas and New Year’s.

Fisher FaceFisher 2 months

Weeks 5-8: You saw yourself in the mirror for the first time. Your expression was priceless; we took you to your first movie at a drive-in. We saw Saving Mr. Banks and we had to changed your diaper on papa’s lap; you love your play mat and absolutely despised tummy time; you started “talking” up a storm and it’s just about the best noise my ears have ever heard; Arden came over and took your pictures. She’s the same photographer and friend that took our wedding photos, which is pretty neat; you got the nasty RSV virus and it was absolute torture seeing you not well; you smile at whoever wakes up in the morning and every night when we say our prayers.

DSC_0759 DSC_0750 DSC_0755

Weeks 9-12: You had your first trip to Dallas and to a museum; you decide that 7:30 PM was your bedtime and are out at that time; you sleep through the night although your mama worries that’s too long for you not to eat, so she wakes you up to feed; you still hate tummy time; you took notice of the dogs for the first time; you started to reach out and touch the things around you. Sometimes you get tickled by what you’ve touched and let out a squeal; you can’t keep you hands out of your mouth.


God has blessed us beyond measure with you. You make this life so much sweeter. We’re looking forward to the next three months.


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