Lolli’s House


The only thing that makes this transition back to work easier is knowing Fisher is with my mom. Other than her papa and I, there’s no one that’s going to appreciate all of her baby firsts and love her as her own, like her Lolli. I just know this time together means so much to my mom, and it’s going to mean so much to Fisher when she understands more. I call my mom every day when I get off to hear about their day. She tells me about taking Fisher outside to look at birds, how they are going to plant a garden and story time. My mom’s mind is unlike anyone else’s. It’s full of wonder and excitement. She sees magic in the everyday. I’m so thankful Fisher gets to be around such a beautiful mind and person everyday.

A post my mom made on Facebook while Fisher was taking a nap:

SOMEONE I know needs to wake up. What could she be dreaming about? Maybe she is thinking (in her dream) she wants to share her very own tales ……..

***My Lolli said this today, ” first week behind us and already the second week is almost gone Fisher!” I think Grandmas loves watching me and I think her house is pretty fun! First week we played dress up while Lolli cleaned out her closet. Lolli lets me feel how soft fabric is. She says “Look Fishy, do you like this print of butterflies? Pokey dots on this fabric? Do you like it? Touch it! One of these days I’ll let you play and wear my shoes!” Lolli also reads bunches. She calls it story time She says I can learn a lot from listening. Moo says the cow and the sheep says baa. Little dogs go ruff ruff ruff. some others dogs go BOW WOW WOW! In Spanish no dog will go bow wow or ruff ruff they say woof woof, but the doggies on the other side of Lolli’s fence do not say bowwowwow or ruff or woof. Lolli says it’s because every dog has their own special and unique bark but all kittens do go “meow!” There is one doggy we can hear behind the fence he goes mm mm mmmm. I think he wants to come visit us. Lolli says the bowwowwow and ruff ruff and woof woof is what storytellers hear and write in books. Well I guess they know best! I think it’s all pretty silly stuff, myself! …I don’t bark, I go whuh uh uh that’s code for “I don’t like this tummy time and I am getting hungry, somebody!” Lolli knows tummy time is hard but she tells me she sees it is getting easier for me. She says, “you can do it! you can do it!” With the help of my little rocking friend the snail I can. I don’t guess snails talk but Lollie says in our place our snail goes “yippeeeeee” and giggles. Well, too much jibber jabber…Lolli says I am gonna be a talker. Lolli is always happy to see me and tells me “Te quiero! Ahh te quiero!!” I smile always and sometimes I giggle. She is a silly willy. Maybe one day I can say “Te quiero” back. I wonder what will I see or hear next week. I am so excited yippee Lolli!! Lolli!!! but this is not like I don’t miss my mommy and daddy. I miss them very much. Lolli says mommy misses me so much and can’t wait to see me and daddy can’t wait to pick me up. Mommy and daddy take good care of me. Lolli says that being together it is what it’s all about. I can’t wait to see Lima and Woody too. When we get home they go ruf ruff and BOW WOW WOW. Woody goes BOW WOW WOW WOW BOW WOW wowowwowowow Bow Wow wow wow…WOW…Wow…Mommy gets angry and tells Woody to “stop that barking!!” I think he needs story time so he can learn to listen more. So, Lolli woof woof !! (doggie Spanish for I love you) – Te quiero!!!***

Hey Fisher….Fisher….wake up, baby……..Fisher, did you have sweet dreams?


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