Fisher Louise – 3 Months

I’m way behind on posting this, but late is better than never, right?

I feel like as soon as Fisher hit 3 months she grew bounds in mental development. Just a few days after turning three months she started laughing. The strung together, you are cracking me up, laugh. It’s hilarious. And the more I laugh, the more she laughs so we just end up squealing with laughter back and forth. Often times I can hear Christopher and her having the same contagious laughing fits. She’s also gotten so much stronger physically- preferring to be held straight up and down so she can look around and is actually enjoying tummy time.

It’s so gratifying seeing her grow and learn and connect in greater ways with her world, but I have these moments when I lose my breath just thinking about how fast this is all going and I want it to slow down. These moments usually happen in the quiet of the night. Sometimes I’ll walk in the living room after nursing Fisher to sleep and whisper to Christopher, “I miss tiny Fisher.” And he’ll say to me, “she’s so fun now… but I miss tiny Fisher too. Let’s go stare at her.” Then we’ll rush to the room, lay side by side on the bed, peer over the edge into her bassinet and just marvel at her… marvel at our little, 3 month old blessing.



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