I have been reading The Jesus Storybook Bible to Fisher since her first days home. A page here. A couple of pages there. Just what she can handle attention wise. My prayer is that we will read and re-read it together many, many times and a foundation for a love of and understanding of Christ and his word would take root in her heart. This morning, we re-read the resurrection story and rejoiced as a family for our Jesus, the Promised One, was not dead, but alive! The tomb was empty! Oh what glorious news this is for us all!

We continued our celebration at church where we were met with family and friends. At one point I looked to the left and could see my mom and cousin, my aunt and uncle and husband. And to my right was our family friend, Paul, holding Fisher, Angie, my Aunt Nellie and my dad. My heart felt so full… felt so much gratitude for God’s rescue plan, the family he had blessed me with and the hope I have that he is faithful to save.

After service we all met up for burgers because a celebration is just not complete without a shared meal together.



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