Starting Solids

20140602-104253-38573292.jpgThe plan was to wait until Fisher was 6 months to start solids but when the grunting started, it was clear that she wasn’t very pleased with our plan.

The morning we decided to do it was impromptu. Christopher came in from a dog sitting visit with a blueberry donut for me. I started to eat it and every time that donut went near my mouth Fisher grunted. “That’s it! We’re doing this NOW! Get this lady a banana!” We didn’t have her high chair assembled. No plastic bowls. All we had was one banana and one plastic spoon. I planned on her first food being sweet potato but at this point I didn’t even care.  Momma obviously wasn’t ready for this moment but boy was she ever!FirstTastes
We sat her in her bumbo, fastened a bib around her neck and started to feed her a mixture of mashed banana and breast milk. She knew exactly what to do. She leaned in and opened her mouth wide just waiting for it. The first face after the first bite keeps playing in my mind. Who knows what she was expecting it to be like but she made a bitter expression and with pursed lips she swollowed. I thought otherwise but she loved it! She was even reaching for the spoon to help feed herself after the first few bites.

Since then she’s had avocado (not a fan…yet), sweet potato and peach but banana is still her most loved taste. She will let you know if you’re not keeping banana coming quick enough.
Naturally I’ve been doing more reading on starting solids- what to feed, when to feed, how much to feed, what method to use and so on. So much knowledge out there. From what I’ve read there’s not one “right” way to do it. Mothers all around the world do things so differently and I find it all so lovely and fascinating.

Food is more than simply a means of nutrition for Christopher and I. We love how a shared meal brings people together, opens our hearts and minds to experience different cultures through taste and fosters good conversation and fellowship. So right now I’m working on getting Fisher introduced to as many foods and flavors as possible before she’s not as accepting of trying new things. Hope this ones likes curries and masalas. :-)


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