F&C Maternity

Christopher and I met Catie and Frank just a few months before Fisher was born. They showed up at a garage sale we were having and invited us to church. The invitation just happened to coincide with the distinct feeling inside Christopher and I to join a church body that was in the community in which we were now living. We only had the opportunity to visit the chruch once before Fisher was born, but we both knew it was were God wanted us to be.

As you can imagine, we didn’t know anyone at the church besides Catie and Frank, and really, they were still new to us. But when Fisher was born, you would have thought they were family. They brought us dinner and loved on us any way they could. Catie even came over one night to listen to Fisher’s lungs for me because she had been sick. They were then and still are now wonderful examples to Christopher and I of how we should show Christ’s love to our neighbors. When I think of them, I think of Mark 12:30-31 and how wholeheartedly they love God and those around them.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these. Mark 12:30-31

Over the past few months we’ve been able to watch Catie and Frank go through the pregnancy process. Growing life. Trusting the Lord. It’s such a miraculous process and time in their lives. I know how much I wanted my pregnancy documented for myself so I offered to take some photos of them and they bravely agreed. I say bravely because these would be my first pictures to ever take for someone else.

Catie and Frank, I hope baby Parker sees these pictures and senses how much s/he was loved before s/he was born. Thanks for being my test subjects!



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