We Are Crawling

Fisher, you have officially figured out how to get around. For weeks we watched you slowly scoot your way for point A to B. Your transportation pattern of choice… circles, which definitely isn’t the quickest way to…. well, anywhere. Or the “crab crawl” which had the the unintended and often frustrating consequence of sending you backwards and on occasion into a wall. Although your crawl isn’t traditional, you’ve picked up the pace and are moving forward. You keep one leg bent and slightly in front while the other leg is positioned out and towards the back. Holding yourself up with your hands out front, you use your that front leg to pull your self forward while the back one pushes. It works. I actually think you came up with this method because of our hardwood floors and don’t blame you in the least not wanting to put all of that pressure on those pudgy knees. We are so proud of you and your new mobility, baby girl.


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