It was January 13th and I was driving to pick Fisher up from my parent’s house. I found my dad already home from work holding her. They were at the china hutch peering in at all of the fragile dishes. When Fisher saw me she was excited and started to kick her legs signaling my dad to put her down. My dad lowered her to the ground to crawl over to me as I made my way to her, except she didn’t crawl. She walked!! She had never walked before. At all. And here she was taking step after step straight for me. I started to praise Fisher and yell for my mother all at once. We were all so proud and thankful to be there to witness this huge milestone.

The only one missing was dada but we made a little video of her walking and sent it to him. He said he teared up watching it.
I need to make a video of her walking. I never want to forget these wobbly first steps and that look of concentration in her eyes.
DSC_2337DSC_2340I wish this photo had a sound clip. Fisher has developed this hilarious low, raspy laugh. Christopher and I can’t help but mimic her every time she does it.


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