Music Makes Life Better – Photos of a FWSO Fundraising Social

This past weekend was full and fun.

Saturday morning Fisher and I got up bright and early for the second year to walk the Komen race. Last year Fisher was a wee little thing and I carried her around in the Ergo. This year she was full on dancing with my co-workers and stuffing her mouth with banana nut muffins after the race. Oh this little girl of mine.

Then that evening I headed downtown to the Neil P. Building where I met Aaron and his wife Corrie, who had asked me a few days before if I could take some photos for them. Along with a few other residents, they planned a fundraising social to raise money in the name of the building for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. The event took place in one of the resident’s gorgeous, white and airy lofts. Homemade food was eaten, “Symphony Sangrias” were sipped, prizes were won and a good time was had by all, including myself who got to capture these fantastic and generous neighbors of ours!



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