Portrait Sessions in Support of The Sanders Family


I’ve shared a little on social media about doing some mini portrait sessions in support our friends this month, but I wanted you to know a little more about them and the work they are doing.

Last year they moved to Africa and if you’ve lived in or visited during a Texas summer, you may be able to sympathize a little. And I mean a little because where they live, it’s like a sweltering Texas summer all year long. Not only is it scorching hot but the mosquitos are swarming and their bites can be deadly, the power is interment (oh yes, the entire city loses power quite often) and there is much poverty and sickness. So why would live there? Because God asked them to, and they love Jesus and what Jesus loves most – people.

They’re sacrificing many of the comforts we take for granted so that they may share hope. They’ve moved away from their family and friends because they treasure Christ more.

When this photo was taken, they had just arrived at their new home. Since then, they’ve grown by +1, a brand new baby boy was born about 8 weeks ago, and as you can imagine, their lives and hands are full!


Because there isn’t access to pre-prepared foods, cooking a simple meal takes ALL day. Keeping mosquitos, bugs and dust out of the house is an endless battle. All dishes are hand washed. Laundry is hung to dry. Every chore and task takes longer.

The most pressing hurdle they are crossing right now is language learning and it’s not easy to pick up a new language when you are tending to a house and children all day. Really, it makes it nearly impossible. They are in much need of a nanny to help with the boys and homeschooling.

If you’d like to support their efforts in Africa by booking a mini photo session, please email me. You don’t have to actually have the session (family, new born, engagement, etc.) in July as long as you reserve a date this month. The sessions themselves are $150 for 30 min + 15 images. $75 from each session goes to straight to this family, who are working tirelessly to spread joy and hope.

Lastly and most importantly, please pray for them. If you’d like to know more about the Sanders and what they are up to, email me and I’ll put you in contact. You can also read Davin’s blog, As Waters Cover the Sea.

(Photos were borrowed from Davin’s blog.)


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