Granbury, Texas


When my husband moved to Texas from Long Island after his father passed, he and his mother settled in Granbury, Texas. Granbury is a small town by most definitions, population 8,700, and was even smaller then. As we drove through, he recounted stories of living here during those high school years. Memories of trying to melt into the seat of his mother’s car so no one would see him as she dug through the trash of Winn Dixie for something to eat or walking the local Wal-mart looking for friends like young teens do the mall.

I’ve met Christopher’s mother, and she is a redeemed woman. But when I think of the life he had growing up, it was nothing like mine– secure, stable– which makes it all the more a picture of God’s infinite grace that he has ended up being the man he is today. He was fatherless at 16 and yet he is an amazing, present and passionate father. His parent’s house was divided by infidelity and divorce, yet he is faithfully committed to me until death, there is no doubt in my mind.

As I listened to Genesis 5 and 10 preached today, a text of mostly names of which I usually try to fly through, I thought back to yesterday and my husband’s ancestors and then to the present, the legacy we are creating today for our daughter. What will we be leaving behind? Godly children to the 5th and 10th generation? Oh Lord, may it be so!

Thankfully, our backgrounds do not secure a certain future. There was another, and greater, man who came from a sorted genealogy, from a family line that included a prostitute and a murder, and he would save the entire world.

If you care to listen to the message from this Sunday, check back in a few days. I’ll post the link. You’ll never read a biblical genealogy the same. (As promised, here is the sermon.)

And if you are in Fort Worth, without a faith family or simply passing through, consider this my heart filled invitation to join us in worshiping our good, King Jesus at the Paradox Church every Sunday.


These photos were taken at Weddings in the Pines in Granbury. (I should mention, they no longer hold weddings in the chapel. It’s used for cowboy church on Sundays.) The woman in the photo kissing the horse is one of the grounds keepers, a warm and godly woman who gave us a tour of the chapel and let us feed the horses. If you are interested in visiting, you may want to call first. Although the land is God’s as the woman told me, a couple of families do live on it and we startled one.


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