21 Months

The house if full of words. “Ceiling.” “Doorway.” “Floor.” “Zebra.” “Happy.” “Bubbles.” “Write.” “Clean.” “Go outside.” “Hockey.” “Au revoir.” “Table.” “Couch.” “Eat.” “Wash.” “Bath.” “Heavy.” “Big bite.” “Itty bitty.”

So, so many words… including a reignited fondness for the word “no.” Even when she means “yes,” or doesn’t have a choice she says “no” first, which sometimes causes great confusion for me and greater frustration for a little girl discovering her independence.

She’s into writing and watching others write. If there is a pen around she will surely ask for paper and then probably request for you to write “Lima” and “Woody” a million times.

“Roll” play doh, bubbles and dressing Birthday the cat are other favorite activities right now. As well as collecting rocks, “counting,” puzzles, and being read and sang to.

Every morning she demands to sit on the counter to watch breakfast being made and if you ask her what she wants she’ll tell you “eggs,” or “pancakes,” or “oatmeal.”

Although we are still not fond of water on our head, we never turn down a bath and swimming in it like a little froggy.

All day long she’s fluttering about but at night she still loves to cuddle. She’ll rub my face and say, “mumma” in the dark or ask me to rub her tummy or back. Nighttime always gives us time to be still and gentle, speak sweet words to each other and pray. After a day that usually involves tears and defiant “no’s” at some point, our nighttime routine is my favorite and I think Fisher likes it too.


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