Nash Farm

Traveling with a toddler has brought out something new in me; never in my life have I ever been so organized. We are packed already. All three of us into one suitcase. And here I am emptying my memory cards to a backup dive to prepare for vacation photos 2 nights before we leave instead of the morning of. Who am I?

Not unlike me, getting sidetracked. As I was transferring photos I came across these from a recent trip to Nash Farm in Grapevine and decided I needed to post them tonight. Being Labor Day weekend when we went for a visit, the 19th century farm house was closed and there we’re any tours going on, but we were still able to wonder the property. The sheep gave us a big scare when all at once something spooked them and they stampeded past us.

I’ve been checking out the upcoming fall and winter schedule at the farm and I want to go to all of the actives. Really, it’s hard to choose. Campfire cooking. Harvesting seasonal crops. Experiencing a Victorian Christmas. Yes, to all of it.


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