Parker’s (First) Party

Our trip to Québec was memorable and beautiful and I cannot wait to share some of the photos we took and places we found. We just got in Friday evening and the joy of walking into the front door after a long day of traveling, bumped flights and a layover could be felt in my bones. As much as we love traveling there is nothing like coming home to your own little abode in the world where the memories, although not as adventurous or exciting, are just as sweet to make and the familiarity of “typical days” abounds with renewed comfort.

But even after all of that “home sweet home” talk, we are already planning our next trip with great anticipation. We are taking Fisher to Seattle in January to see her Mimi (Christopher’s mother) for the second time. Here we come Mimi kisses, mighty everest trees, misty skies and unending beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

We were also excited to return home for a few other reasons; October holds the birthdays of some of our nearest and dearest friends and family. It’s truly a month of celebration and on more than one weekend we have multiple birthdays to go to.

Just yesterday, we celebrated the birth of this sweet girl who is officially one and fills the hearts of so many already! Her mother handmade all of the beautiful decorations and I couldn’t get enough of that tiny “one” crown. The happiest of birthdays to you, Parker!
If you would like to discuss making some pretty pictures together, send me a note. Let’s talk.


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