Two by Two: Piper & Sawyer’s 2nd Birthday

I remember being 7 months pregnant myself and waiting with great anticipation for two particular little twins to enter the world. I had Christine my entire pregnancy to give me the scoop on what to expect next and here she was in labor. I couldn’t wait to lay my eyes on the tiny human beings she had been growing and get my final scoop… labor.

Christopher and I were in the hospital waiting room when Piper and Sawyer arrived. They were more beautiful than I could have possibly prepared myself for – small and wrapped up – we were looking upon miracles.

And here were are, two very fast years later, celebrating God’s immense grace to give and sustain life and the joy Piper and Sawyer have brought to our lives. Happy birthday, P&S! Uncle Lenny and & Aunty Erin love you so!

Now for some photos of Piper and Sawyer’s super fun Noah’s Ark themed 2nd birthday party.DSC_6221Sawyer-2Piper-BunnyDSC_6399DSC_6226-2NoahsArkPartyDSC_6555Bouncehouse-1DSC_6478-2BouncehouseAliandMillerDSC_6508-2  As a parent I want


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