Our 3rd Anniversary

DSC_7848I am so far behind on sharing life with this little blog. Starting with Thanksgiving the end of the year rushes forward with celebration after celebration and I just haven’t had a moment to post.

On December 1st, Christopher and I celebrated 3 years of forgiveness, friendship, growing together, not giving up on each other and love. In short we celebrated 3 years of marriage!

“Marriage: The roots are deep. The covenant is solid. The love is sweet. Life is hard. And God is good.”
-John Piper

God is doing a good work in us both through marriage and I feel honored to get to walk beside this man . I can imagine one day talking in heaven when we are no longer married to each other but are joined with Jesus and having conversations about this life. The struggles. The laughs. The arguments. The makeups. The adventures. The surprises. The hard times and the good times. We’ll see so many things clearer. I have a feeling we’ll have a good laugh and the thought of that conversation warms my heart. There is no one else I’d rather have it with. 

So, we celebrate because marriage is hard sometimes but it’s GOOD. So, so good. Here’s to the next year of holy matrimony, deepening friendship and sanctification.

DSC_7850DSC_7856DSC_7858DSC_7861From the first time he brought me a bouquet to today, Christopher has always hand selected the flowers for them. I was impressed then and still am. As a bonus, I now have a miniature helper who likes to assist in arranging.DSC_7868Before heading out for our anniversary date my mother snapped this shot. I like it and him. I should also mention in this post because it was pretty monumental, we had our first night away from Fisher since she was born. We moved the tv into the bedroom, watched a loud movie and slept in without toddler hands (or feet) in our faces. It was a happy anniversary indeed! 


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