The Birth Of August

I missed this actual birth of this fella by 30 minutes and I’m still beating myself up about it. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself though; this momma had a record fast delivery- 3 hours!

And even though I wasn’t there for August’s birth, I knew a lot of hard work went into bringing this baby into the world. The pains of labor where preceded by the sacrifice of pregnancy – all of it was so utterly worth it for this precious face and the love in the room could be felt. 

I’m thankful I was able to come when I did to capture a few of August’s first few moments of life for his proud parents,  including his first bath. Those pictures absolutely melt my heart, especially when I think back to how he was crying before they put him into the tub of warm water. Once he was in there he melted. I’m sure it felt familiar and secure, like the water-world he had just come from, and his face showed it.

Thank you, Catie and Frank for trusting me to take pictures of your family as it grows and thank you God, for this wonderful and perfect life.


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