Welcome, 2016

DSC_9505When it comes to pinning New Years down to a statement, I loved what a friend of mine wrote: New Years traditions are kind of strange when you think about it…this one annual celebratory moment you can actually F E E L time change. We REMINISCE and REGRET but then get to press RESTART and it’s like a bucket of grace is poured over you and you down some energizing tonic and charge forward to DO and BE all the more you were not the year before.

I’ve always been BIG on New Year resolutions and goal setting in general. We even had a tradition in my house of eating 12 grapes representing your 12 goals for the year. When I was in my 20’s and no longer spent New Years with my parents, my mom would send me off with 12 grapes in a ziplock baggy. See how serious we took this stuff?

This year nothing I wrote stuck out as worth actually striving for in and of itself. The list was redundant & typical, short sided, self-centered and quite honestly not worth the ink. 

I got to wondering what Jesus would have written down for New Years if he was into that sort of thing and came to the conclusion He wouldn’t have needed to write anything down at all. His mission was singular.  Or maybe he would have written something like: New Year, same goal.

Is not that amazing to contemplate? New year, same goal. New house, same goal. New job, same goal. 

This year I want to be more mindful of what’s ultimate and what is truly fulfilling, calling to mind all of my pursuits fall into one of two categories- love of self or love of God; To remember that fitting into skinny jeans or reading that set of books so I appear “well read” isn’t going to change anything of utter importance but steps taken in faith and truly loving my neighbor will. I want the Lord to sift me like flour, so I am evenly seasoned with His Word and demeanor. 

So instead of making a list, I’m changing my posture. Instead of saying, “I can do this,” I’m asking “will you do something unexpected in me?” I’m setting my sights on growing [like a weed] in Christlikeness hoping, knowing, anticipating all other aspirations  will either fall in-line or fall away. I’m trusting The Creator to do what he does and create a new me.

Less of me, more of Him in this new year with the same goal. 


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