I’ve worked everyday except Wednesday for the past year. This day, smack dab in the middle of the work week, has been ours. But in just one quick week all the days will be ours! What I have longed and prayed for for years is about to actually happen and it’s unbelievable to me. Pinch me.

This leap of faith as we transition from an already tight two income family to one, has already been met with much faithfulness on His part. I wish I could share all the stories but trust me, they are plentiful and confirming. I know some of the days are going to be long and arduous, I’m going to wish (hopefully for only a brief second) I was at work with adults to talk to, but I hope my second thought is of remembrance and gratitude of how He answered my prayers. What a privilege it is going to be staying at home with this quikly growing lady, doing the eternal work of planting and nurturing seeds of love and faith in the day to day, rise and shine to slumber.

I never want to forget these wonderful Wednesdays my current job so graciously gave. They were anticipated as soon as Monday rolled around. Some Wednesdays the library was squeezed in before lunch, other times the zoo. On this particular day we just stayed in and let the Wednesday be slow and unfold, pjs were worn and our hair never saw a brush until after lunch. Here’s to one of our final “Wednesdays” and storing up how precious they were in my mind.

Tree Craft: Eco Crafts. My husband bought this for when my stay at home journey started but neither Fisher or myself could wait. Everything you need is included in the box for multiple crafts. We’ve made two so far and although it’s a little advanced for a 2 year old, we’ve had fun making them. She’s always so proud of her creation and shows anyone who comes over.

Book: First Hundred Words in French by Heather Amery

Cat with jammies: Maileg

Stuffed Pig: Ikea


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