Homemade Bone Broth

Homemade Bone BrothThis is actually quite embarrassing to admit, but I roasted my first whole chicken this week. At 33 I’m pretty sure I should have done this before.

But the whole chicken always seemed daunting as I envisioned its small form naked before me. What was I supposed to do with all of it? Besides, my husband doesn’t like meat with bones, so he never really had a desire for one. Now that I’m home and we’re down to one income, it’s about what’s the most cost efficient way to eat and I’m eager to learn so I put the chicken in the cart and pushed on.

Quite ironically, as my first chicken sat wrapped in the fridge, I received an email from the Gathered Table blog titled Roast Chicken 101. Armed with a step by step guide, my first chicken came out better than I could have hoped for. Truly, it was so simple I’m embarrassed I waited to so long.

But what to do with the bones?

Bone Broth Chicken StockWe had friends over for dinner when I asked that question out loud and Rachel suggested bone broth if I was feeling ambitions. I was, so the bones immediately went into a boiling pot to be turned into broth the next day. First thing in the morning, excited about my triumph at roasted chicken, I filled the pot with an onion, carrots, parsley, salt and pepper and let the chicken bone broth aromas start filling the house. Hours later, we had broth for soup that didn’t contain any MSG or other chemicals and was filled with the health-boosting minerals, gelatin and collagen of bones I would have otherwise thrown away. Less waste, healthier, tastier. We will be doing this regularly. 

Wellness Mama has a wonderful post on bone broth if you’re new to the subject like I am. 


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