Ezri is One

DSC_0593-2The infant days are fleeting and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I think that’s why first birthdays stand as one of the most exciting of a child’s life for a parent; it represents so much. The triumph of life sustained (your exhausted self’s life counts as part of the triumph too), the thrill of milestones crossed and the joy and hope you experience as you imagine the upcoming year and the accomplishments to behold. 

And in just a few short weeks this sweet and fiercly independent little-BIG girl will be crossing just that threshold from infant to toddlerdom. It’s hard to believe a year has already flown by. I remember getting the text her momma was in labor and praying for her delivery. Brand new Ezri used to join us weekly at Central Market when some of us girls would get together to talk about life and Jesus. And now, here she is turning one. If I can’t believe it, I know her momma can’t. 

Thanks for letting me take pictures of your beautiful and wonderfully made baby, Brittany and Rusty and happy numbero uno, Ezri! 



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