Valentine’s 2016

DSC_0519Handmade Valentines were sent out to all of Fisher’s buds this year. I had her painting and sticking cutout hearts on one card after another while I stamped Proverbs 17:17 (a) onto them. We were a small assembly line and towards the end she was so over it. I managed to squeeze out a few more brush strokes with tons of talk about who they were for.

We are also in the midst of a family no-eating-out-month. I wavered on this point when Valentine’s actually came. Should we eat out just this once? Should Christopher at least take  Fisher on a Valentine’s date like he did last year so we can make tradition? We talked and contemplated Jesus, our ultimate example of love and sacrifice, and decided to wait, postponing our reward until after our commitment is finished.

In lieu of a fancy dinner out, Fisher spent the night before Valentine’s Day with her Papa and Yaya and Christopher made us a meal in the kitchen while I edited photos from the previous day’s family session. We celebrated our love in a simple and homemade way. When Fisher joined us the next day, Christopher presented her with her vary own, smaller version of the ones he gave me, bouquet of gorgeous flowers. “Fisher’s flowers” she kept repeating. And I gave her donut socks and candy, of course. Always food minded.

But, I am looking forward to our dinner out in March, just Christopher and I. I know it’ll be all the sweeter, because we waited and haven’t eaten carbs in a month.



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