Seattle & Enumclaw, WA

Our Seattle trip was fast. In a breath we were landing and in the next it felt as if we were saying our heavyhearted goodbyes to Mimi once again.

However, we left with a mind full of sweet memories:

Mimi’s guitar playing and folksy singing voice as she strummed children’s songs and old tunes.

Fisher and Mimi playing “wooly bully” around the living room. A game that involved a swinging  blanket hanging like a tail from Mimi’s backend while a giggling Fisher tried to catch it.

Our family one-nighter in Crystal Mountain. Fisher called, “Frosty, where are you?” anytime we were outside. And as promised, we built her a snowman. Albeit, the tiniest of snowmen because a recent rain had hardened the powder and made it quite difficult to make a ball.

Two, yes two, visits to Mighty-O Donuts in 5 days. I’m craving them even now as I type. If you visit, go and then bring me back a lemon poppyseed donut, please and thank you.

On our final day, we visited the Seattle Aquarium and ate piping hot clam chowder waterside afterward. Which felt a little odd given we had just seen so many wonderful sea animals. But with the crisp air keeping our faces cool, we wanted something to warm our tummies. Since being back, we have not heard the end of how the “Octopus eats shrimp with legs” and “Sea Otters crack clams” from a deeply impressed little girl.

And then just yesterday, Fisher told me she wanted to go back. I asked her when and she said, “two days.”

“Well Fisher, I do too. And so does daddy. Seattle has our Mimi. Maybe we can go back in two months.”



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