The 52 Project

If you are unaware of The 52 Project the premise is simple: take a picture of your child once a week, every week for the entire year. The hope is that you will not only be documenting your child’s childhood but your motherhood, all the while becoming a better photographer.

I am a late comer to this project and now I’m officially behind before I ever got started. So please excuse me while I catch myself up. Here are the past 8 weeks in photos:

DSC_9517This is my girl, always wanting to be on the kitchen counter. She finds the pottery I use to hold all the larger cooking utensils fascinating, sifting through them over and over calling out their names. Spatula. Wooden spoon. She loves to steal little nibbles of carrots and green bell pepper before they make it to the sauté pan. She requests to hold the salt and pepper shakers and smell all  of the spices. She could watch me chop and stir and season an entire meal without ever wanting down. She is my sous chef and I hope this attraction to cooking remains into her adult life as something greater than just learning a new technique or love of food, but as a means to show hospitality  and care to others, inviting them over for warm meals and deep conversation. (ISO320, f1.8, 1/125)

2/522/52-Gideon's-BirthdayMy husband has been mentoring a young boy since he was 5 years old and in January he turned 10. TEN! This is Fisher perched on her daddy watching all the big kids skate at his party. (ISO450, f1.8, 1/160)

3/523/52-lunchtimeThis picture was taken of our last “Wednesday” lunch. (ISO800, f.5.6, 1/400)

4/52DSC_0180Searching for Frosty the Snowman in Enumanclaw, Washington. (ISO200, f1.8, 1/60)

5/52Painting ValentinesPainting Valentine Cards for friends and family. (ISO250, f2.0, 1/80)

6/52DSC_0798“All aboard the choo-choo train. Buuuuckle UUUP!” (ISO400, f.1.8, 1/100)

 7/528/52 Fisher's Piggy TailsThose two piggy tails are my favorite. (ISO400, f1.8, 1/160)

8/52DSC_0897I cannot believe THIS actually happened, nor can I believe I had my camera near by to catch it. I was doing my own makeup at the kitchen table when I looked over – chapstick out and compact open. Uh oh. (ISO400, f3.5, 1/200)



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