Popup Shop & Donut Decorating with Fox + Found and Paper & Posies

DSC_1121-2I now have business cards! I needed them for an event I’m covering next Friday, so I placed an order with Social Print Studio and waited, not realizing how a little bit of ephemera could suddenly make me feel so “official”. Who knew?!

But now more on what this post is really about, an event I think you should come to…

The Coop, an indoor play place in Frisco, Texas, will he hosting a popup shop featuring the alternative and function oriented wares of Fox + Found, a new online retailer started by a sweet friend of mine. All of Fox + Found’s clothing will be available from 9am-5pm, so walk right in, say, “hi,” and shop while your kids play. Paper & Posies will also be there, putting on a trilogy of donut decorating workshops at 10:30 am, 12 pm and 3:30 pm. And I’ll be around documenting all of the happiness and eating a donut-cookie, of course. If you have children and are in the Frisco area, you must come and if not, I’d encourage you to make the drive. I hope to see you there!DSC_1145DSC_1128DSC_1158


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