Developing an Eternal Perspective of Time

DSC_1098So I completely failed at my goal to get Fisher’s 2nd birthday pictures up by today. But what’s a few extra days when it’s already been three months?

However, I have been wanting to share this for the past week and have been hesitant. I probably just wanted to edit and re-edit and think some more about how I’m not qualified to write about such things. I’ve decided to post anyway and let the insecurity air itself out. If insecurity is a fog, then God is the sun. He is able to burn it all away. So I share because I really shouldn’t be insecure. My identity is not based on whether I’m articulate or if I find myself capable or what others think of me, but in His capabilities and what he says about me. I also share because maybe someone else is thinking through these things as well. Alright, enough of the lengthy, cushion-y, introduction. Here is what this post is really about. 

DSC_1101DSC_1082Fisher is in a stage of life where she follows many activities with the word ‘time’. Nap-time. Lunch-time. Play-time. Bed-time. Even as Christopher and I were leaving Yaya’s and Papa’s house to go on a date recently, Fisher kissed us goodby and told my mother assuradly, “Mommy and Daddy date-time.”

As I thought about how abstract the idea of time must be for her, I became more and more impressed by her use of it. She even tells me she’s starting ballet in June and her birthday is in December. Does she seriously comprehend months? It’s evident that although she can’t define time, her understanding of the past, present and future is developing. In this significantly impressionable, yet short window, I want to shape that rudimenatry understanding in light of what God has to say about time.

I want her to know:
– Her time is short, whether it be 5 years or 70. It’s all a mist (James 4:14).
– God is fulfilling his purpose in that allotment; any bit of time on earth is his grace and patience towards her; He wants her, all of us to discover, feel our way to him (2 Peter 3:8-10).

Knowing these two things in mind and heart will inform her life, her actions and her legacy. Knowing those two things does the same for me.


So I’ve been asking myself: how do I do such a thing in the real and raw days of motherhood?

And God placed a sure and strong word on my heart as a thought: interruptible. Jesus was interruptible.

Please don’t just read over that. Ponder it, because it will surely rock your core, especially if you contemplate who Jesus is. What kind of authority he has. What his mission was. He was interruptible and the scriptures give many examples. He was interrupted when speaking to a crowd (Luke 5:17-19), when he was asleep (Luke 8:22-24), when he was on his way to perform a healing (Luke 8:43), when conversing with his disciples (Like 12:11-21), when praying (Mark 1:35-39) and when traveling (Mark 10:46-52). Never once was he caught off guard, did he huff or role his eyes in annoyance, or lose his temper. Not a single situation was discarded, but every one of those interruptions was used as an opportunity to speak truth or perform a miracle.

So, this is one way God has been showing me how to practically show Fisher the Eternal in the today: be interruptible like Jesus. Allow God to move in my day, above and beyond what I have planned. Above and beyond any exhaustion I may have. Our time is short. Each interruption is an opportunity to share his love and teachings with her so that by his grace she may feel her way toward him (Acts 17:27). And in all of this teaching Fisher,  he is teaching me what actually is important at the same time. What infinite and soul shaping grace. DSC_1116


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