Sick Day with Fisher DSC_1833Downtown Fort Worth DSC_2014I’m already changing up this 52 project. Since this little journal is like a keepsake box for me, a place to tuck memories, a roundup of images from the week just seems more fitting than a single photo.

The first two images summarize the week best. Rainy weather in Fort Worth with a sick little one. A shiny face from a nose that wouldn’t stop and playdoh under the finger nails is pretty much what motherhood looked like for me this week. I’m not complaining. Making a donut cookie DSC_1807Sprinkles DSC_1801Since she wasn’t able to spend the day with me at the Fox + Found Pop-up Shop, I brought the activity to her. Donut cookies!Sick day with Fisher DSC_1930Fisher's Hair DSC_1952Even when you are sick, especially when you are sick, fresh air is good for the soul. And, hallelujah! She is letting me do her hair. I’m hoping this continues even after she starts to feel better and gets all of her energy back.Learn to Count with Ice Cream DSC_1961Maileg Cat Portrait DSC_1971Baby blue piggies DSC_1974A lot of time indoors meant some really long days for both of us since she doesn’t nap well, or at all, when we don’t leave the house. We painted our nails baby blue. It’s become her favorite color, trumping yellow for the time being. And took silly portraits of our stuffed animals.Amon Carter Museum DSC_2002Amon Carter Museum DSC_1996Amon Carter Museum DSC_2000Towards the end of the week we were feeling better but not well enough to be in close quarters with other children (didn’t want to worry anyones mother), so I took her to one of my favorite museums, The Amon Carter, to get some wiggles out.Fisher Flower Crown DSC_2232BW Parker Flower Crown DSC_2081-2On Saturday, I met a friend at the Botanic Gardens to take some spring photos of our darlings. Here is a preview of these two friends in their flower crowns. Can’t wait to share. 


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