Mini Session | Parker

Parker's Flower Crown Mini SessionAs I mentioned in my previous post, I met up with a friend of mine over the weekend to take photos of our girls. Parker’s mom wanted some shots of her in her Easter dress and I just wanted a reason to put Fisher in a flower crown. The girls were so sweet to photograph together. Fisher had Parker squealing with laughter when she was blowing dandelion seeds in her hair. And as it turns out, Fisher is quite the assistant in other ways as well. She was directing Parker by telling her,  “Look at mommy. Sit down. Come here.” It was adorable. I’m dreaming here, but so wonderful if Fisher and ended up photographing together one day.

Since I took photos of both girls, I decided to share over two posts. There are a lot of photos and I didn’t want to over do it. And besides, this gorgeous girl with a personality that melts my heart and smile like the sun, deserved her own post.Parker's Flower Crown Mini Session DSC_2083Parker's Flower Crown Mini Session DSC_2080Parker's Flower Crown Min Session DSC_2082Parker's Flower Crown Mini Session DSC_2170


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