DSC_3574Oh this week. From visiting the butterflies at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on Monday to the epitome of reasons to celebrate, Easter!, on Sunday, add in an early morning family session and a trip to Peaster, Texas for a passover experience, to say I have photos spilling out of my memory card is an understatement. DSC_3052DSC_3028DSC_3050Didn’t I have the cutest guide at the butterfly exhibit? She can even read the guide upside down she is so familiar with all of the species! Actually, she was a little frightened of them and appreciated them from a respectable distance. More photos of this outing to come later in the week. Or next week if I’m being completely honest with myself.DSC_3193DSC_3199DSC_3195Every few weeks I try to meet up with my mom, all of her sisters and my grandma for lunch. Since my mom had Fisher for the first 2 years of her life during the week while I was at work, she is very close to all of these woman and would see them weekly. I’m totally an outsider when they get together. They have a special bond and I don’t want it to ever change. (Second picture is of an after lunch ballet performance for all who wanted to watch. This girl can’t wait until June when ballet class actually starts!)DSC_3370Easter, Texas Passover ExperienceDSC_3369Christopher had the day off on Friday so after my morning session he surprised us with a road trip to Peaster, Texas for the Passover Experience, an interactive reenactment of the passover and the last supper. This was a wonderful surprise. I loved reading all of the prophecy pointing to Jesus and the “walk through Jerusalem” was amazing. The productions was well done and helped me to actually experience what life would have been like when Jesus walked the earth. I’ll share more on this later as well.DSC_3474DSC_3631And once again, there are more than a few photos of Easter I’d like to save to my little journal so they’ll be getting a post of their own soon. I hope everyone had a happy Easter and has a wonderful week!

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