14/52Last Monday was actually a comedy of errors and Fisher and I laughed all day about it. We decided to go feed the ducks at the Trinity River Duck Pond. We hiked a huge hill to get to it and had no idea the other side was a mud slide. Fisher and I both fell and slid down! It may be slightly ‘okay’ for a toddler to have brown pants, but it’s not okay for an adult. I wanted to turn around but we had come so far. As I looked over to the duck pond I noticed ALL of the water was gone and NO DUCKS! As we walked closer we spotted a gaggle of geese sunbathing. I through out a piece of bread and in unison they all started honking and running over on their prehistoric legs. I got scared so I scooped Fisher up and I remembered that animals are afraid if you make yourself tall. I stretched myself as high as I could and ran toward them. They didn’t budge or stammer and actually just kept running forward. I forgot, they are related to the chicken somehow and I am not, so I lost that game. I totally ran away. I’m not ashamed to say it. With all self dignity gone, I took Fisher to Chick-fil-a, brown bottoms and all and joked for the rest of the afternoon that geese don’t say ‘honk’ but ‘gimme all of your bread!’
None of these photos are from that afternoon. I only took a few photos last week. I blame the week before and the insane amounts of photos took. I just wanted free hands and to be completely present. These photos are from a little walk we took so I could scout a location I’ll be shooting at in a few weeks. I had no idea this little creek walk existed in the stockyards. Such a little gem of a spot.14/52DSC_3713DSC_371814/52

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