DSC_3778.jpg I more than made up for my lack of photos last week… Here is week 15/52 in pictures. DSC_3823DSC_3864DSC_3845DSC_3826Since Christopher set up a little office corner for me, both of us have been spending much more time in the spare room. Fisher wakes up in the morning and goes straight to that room stating she has to go to work, which means complete some exercises on ABC Mouse. She cracks me up. This morning her computer “work” made her want to “real paint.” DSC_3772DSC_3773And the kindest package came in the mail from our favorite coffee shop, Cantook. The owner, via instagram, asked Christopher for his mailing address after he told him how much we enjoyed everything about his shop when we visited Québec last September – the laid-back outdoorsy atmosphere and craft coffee. In fact, Cantook is where I learned about putting maple syrup in my coffee instead of refined sugar. I have a can of Canadian maple syrup open in the the fridge right now just for that purpose. As you can tell, this place already held a dear spot in our hearts, but to know the heartbeat behind the shop is a kind and generous person, takes our adoration to a whole other level. If you are in Québec City, you must go to Cantook. Must. DSC_3960DSC_3912DSC_3975DSC_3923DSC_3970On Friday Fisher and I met up with our friend Christine and her twins to ride Thomas the Train. They had tons of activities afterward for the kids as well – a petting zoo, giant sandbox and a bubble machine that Fisher fancied so much she thought she stand right up to it. We had a blast and you better believe there were a few tears shed when momma made her get out of the sandbox because she was turning red from the heat and it was way past nap time. All of the sadness was quickly forgotten when she got to ride in the large shuttle bus back to the car because hello, no carseat! DSC_3993DSC_3995DSC_3997Fisher has become quite the little street performer. Before dinner. After dinner. In between dinner. Get up and dance! And did you notice the band-aids (stickers on her arms). We had an intense session of Dr. Fisher’s office before dinner.
This particular dance session was at the new pizza place, Olivella’s, that recently opened a few blocks from our place. We walked ourselves there instead of driving with full awareness we would probably be eating so much a mandatory loosening of our belts would proceed afterward. You can’t beat buy-one-get-one-free, happy hour pizza and when you have a kid you eat early anyway so it’s no sacrifice for us to get there before 5 pm. Best deal ever and the pizza was tops. DSC_4004DSC_4011Just a couple photos from our after dinner walk home. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Plant Sale 2016DSC_4021Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Plant Sale 2016DSC_4031We stopped by the Botanic Gardens annual plant sale and now I’m wondering why we have never gone before. If we owned our home we would have bought so many fruit trees to plant. Since we don’t, we are just as  happy to have scored this fern for $8. Ever since our trip to Montréal, where the owner of the air bnb we stayed at had multiple house plants in every room, Christopher has been determined to recreate that look in our place. And I don’t mind at all.



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