DSC_3778.jpg I more than made up for my lack of photos last week… Here is week 15/52 in pictures. DSC_3823DSC_3864DSC_3845DSC_3826Since Christopher set up a little office corner for me, both of us have been spending much more time in the spare room. Fisher wakes up in the morning and goes straight to that room stating she has to go to work, which means complete some exercises on ABC Mouse. She cracks me up. This morning her computer “work” made her want to “real paint.” DSC_3772DSC_3773And the kindest package came in the mail from our favorite coffee shop, Cantook. The owner, via instagram, asked Christopher for his mailing address after he told him how much we enjoyed everything about his shop when we visited Québec last September – the laid-back outdoorsy atmosphere and craft coffee. In fact, Cantook is where I learned about putting maple syrup in my coffee instead of refined sugar. I have a can of Canadian maple syrup open in the the fridge right now just for that purpose. As you can tell, this place already held a dear spot in our hearts, but to know the heartbeat behind the shop is a kind and generous person, takes our adoration to a whole other level. If you are in Québec City, you must go to Cantook. Must. DSC_3960DSC_3912DSC_3975DSC_3923DSC_3970On Friday Fisher and I met up with our friend Christine and her twins to ride Thomas the Train. They had tons of activities afterward for the kids as well – a petting zoo, giant sandbox and a bubble machine that Fisher fancied so much she thought she stand right up to it. We had a blast and you better believe there were a few tears shed when momma made her get out of the sandbox because she was turning red from the heat and it was way past nap time. All of the sadness was quickly forgotten when she got to ride in the large shuttle bus back to the car because hello, no carseat! DSC_3993DSC_3995DSC_3997Fisher has become quite the little street performer. Before dinner. After dinner. In between dinner. Get up and dance! And did you notice the band-aids (stickers on her arms). We had an intense session of Dr. Fisher’s office before dinner.
This particular dance session was at the new pizza place, Olivella’s, that recently opened a few blocks from our place. We walked ourselves there instead of driving with full awareness we would probably be eating so much a mandatory loosening of our belts would proceed afterward. You can’t beat buy-one-get-one-free, happy hour pizza and when you have a kid you eat early anyway so it’s no sacrifice for us to get there before 5 pm. Best deal ever and the pizza was tops. DSC_4004DSC_4011Just a couple photos from our after dinner walk home. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Plant Sale 2016DSC_4021Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Plant Sale 2016DSC_4031We stopped by the Botanic Gardens annual plant sale and now I’m wondering why we have never gone before. If we owned our home we would have bought so many fruit trees to plant. Since we don’t, we are just as  happy to have scored this fern for $8. Ever since our trip to Montréal, where the owner of the air bnb we stayed at had multiple house plants in every room, Christopher has been determined to recreate that look in our place. And I don’t mind at all.



Butterflies in the Garden

DSC_3041The above picture is of Fisher explaining how the butterflies, although fascinating creatures, should fly at a reasonable distance and only land on mommy.
She is my cautious girl. Always eager to investigate and learn, but at a safe distance. I actually have an irrational reaction to moths (and we know butterflies aren’t much different), so as not not instill fear in her, and maybe to overcome my own, I let multiple butterflies crawl onto my hands. It made me shudder a small bit on the inside, but I had to do it for her.
However, the exhibit was fascinating. I thought we would have to strain our eyes to find butterflies, but no, there they were, swooping and fluttering, chasing each other and eating all around us. We even witnessed a butterfly emerge from its pupae. Did you know butterflies do not actually fly for the first 4 hours after emerging? It takes that long for their wings to unfurl.  Butterflies in the GardenButterflies in the GardenButterflies in the GardenButterflies in the GardenDSC_3042Butterflies in the GardenButterflies in the GardenDSC_3050Butterflies in the GardenButterflies in the GardenButterflies in the GardenDSC_3098DSC_3101DSC_3103DSC_3104All photos were taken at the Butterflies in the Garden exhibit going on through April 3rd at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.


DSC_3574Oh this week. From visiting the butterflies at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on Monday to the epitome of reasons to celebrate, Easter!, on Sunday, add in an early morning family session and a trip to Peaster, Texas for a passover experience, to say I have photos spilling out of my memory card is an understatement. DSC_3052DSC_3028DSC_3050Didn’t I have the cutest guide at the butterfly exhibit? She can even read the guide upside down she is so familiar with all of the species! Actually, she was a little frightened of them and appreciated them from a respectable distance. More photos of this outing to come later in the week. Or next week if I’m being completely honest with myself.DSC_3193DSC_3199DSC_3195Every few weeks I try to meet up with my mom, all of her sisters and my grandma for lunch. Since my mom had Fisher for the first 2 years of her life during the week while I was at work, she is very close to all of these woman and would see them weekly. I’m totally an outsider when they get together. They have a special bond and I don’t want it to ever change. (Second picture is of an after lunch ballet performance for all who wanted to watch. This girl can’t wait until June when ballet class actually starts!)DSC_3370Easter, Texas Passover ExperienceDSC_3369Christopher had the day off on Friday so after my morning session he surprised us with a road trip to Peaster, Texas for the Passover Experience, an interactive reenactment of the passover and the last supper. This was a wonderful surprise. I loved reading all of the prophecy pointing to Jesus and the “walk through Jerusalem” was amazing. The productions was well done and helped me to actually experience what life would have been like when Jesus walked the earth. I’ll share more on this later as well.DSC_3474DSC_3631And once again, there are more than a few photos of Easter I’d like to save to my little journal so they’ll be getting a post of their own soon. I hope everyone had a happy Easter and has a wonderful week!

All aboard the choo choo train!

DSC_1177Without much more than a nod to winter this year, the weather in Texas is already whispering summer will be upon us soon. To take full advantage of this small window of pleasant spring air, we took Fisher on a little choo choo train excursion last weekend – The Forest Park Miniature Railroad. She enjoyed every minute, waiving to the people we passed, watching the blur of the train tracks underneath us and using all of her train conductor jargon. All aboard! DSC_1233.jpgDSC_1251DSC_1179DSC_1183DSC_1209DSC_1211DSC_1214DSC_1215DSC_1216DSC_1244DSC_1235DSC_1237DSC_1243

Valentine’s 2016

DSC_0519Handmade Valentines were sent out to all of Fisher’s buds this year. I had her painting and sticking cutout hearts on one card after another while I stamped Proverbs 17:17 (a) onto them. We were a small assembly line and towards the end she was so over it. I managed to squeeze out a few more brush strokes with tons of talk about who they were for.

We are also in the midst of a family no-eating-out-month. I wavered on this point when Valentine’s actually came. Should we eat out just this once? Should Christopher at least take  Fisher on a Valentine’s date like he did last year so we can make tradition? We talked and contemplated Jesus, our ultimate example of love and sacrifice, and decided to wait, postponing our reward until after our commitment is finished.

In lieu of a fancy dinner out, Fisher spent the night before Valentine’s Day with her Papa and Yaya and Christopher made us a meal in the kitchen while I edited photos from the previous day’s family session. We celebrated our love in a simple and homemade way. When Fisher joined us the next day, Christopher presented her with her vary own, smaller version of the ones he gave me, bouquet of gorgeous flowers. “Fisher’s flowers” she kept repeating. And I gave her donut socks and candy, of course. Always food minded.

But, I am looking forward to our dinner out in March, just Christopher and I. I know it’ll be all the sweeter, because we waited and haven’t eaten carbs in a month.



I’ve worked everyday except Wednesday for the past year. This day, smack dab in the middle of the work week, has been ours. But in just one quick week all the days will be ours! What I have longed and prayed for for years is about to actually happen and it’s unbelievable to me. Pinch me.

This leap of faith as we transition from an already tight two income family to one, has already been met with much faithfulness on His part. I wish I could share all the stories but trust me, they are plentiful and confirming. I know some of the days are going to be long and arduous, I’m going to wish (hopefully for only a brief second) I was at work with adults to talk to, but I hope my second thought is of remembrance and gratitude of how He answered my prayers. What a privilege it is going to be staying at home with this quikly growing lady, doing the eternal work of planting and nurturing seeds of love and faith in the day to day, rise and shine to slumber.

I never want to forget these wonderful Wednesdays my current job so graciously gave. They were anticipated as soon as Monday rolled around. Some Wednesdays the library was squeezed in before lunch, other times the zoo. On this particular day we just stayed in and let the Wednesday be slow and unfold, pjs were worn and our hair never saw a brush until after lunch. Here’s to one of our final “Wednesdays” and storing up how precious they were in my mind.

Tree Craft: Eco Crafts. My husband bought this for when my stay at home journey started but neither Fisher or myself could wait. Everything you need is included in the box for multiple crafts. We’ve made two so far and although it’s a little advanced for a 2 year old, we’ve had fun making them. She’s always so proud of her creation and shows anyone who comes over.

Book: First Hundred Words in French by Heather Amery

Cat with jammies: Maileg

Stuffed Pig: Ikea

Welcome, 2016

DSC_9505When it comes to pinning New Years down to a statement, I loved what a friend of mine wrote: New Years traditions are kind of strange when you think about it…this one annual celebratory moment you can actually F E E L time change. We REMINISCE and REGRET but then get to press RESTART and it’s like a bucket of grace is poured over you and you down some energizing tonic and charge forward to DO and BE all the more you were not the year before.

I’ve always been BIG on New Year resolutions and goal setting in general. We even had a tradition in my house of eating 12 grapes representing your 12 goals for the year. When I was in my 20’s and no longer spent New Years with my parents, my mom would send me off with 12 grapes in a ziplock baggy. See how serious we took this stuff?

This year nothing I wrote stuck out as worth actually striving for in and of itself. The list was redundant & typical, short sided, self-centered and quite honestly not worth the ink. 

I got to wondering what Jesus would have written down for New Years if he was into that sort of thing and came to the conclusion He wouldn’t have needed to write anything down at all. His mission was singular.  Or maybe he would have written something like: New Year, same goal.

Is not that amazing to contemplate? New year, same goal. New house, same goal. New job, same goal. 

This year I want to be more mindful of what’s ultimate and what is truly fulfilling, calling to mind all of my pursuits fall into one of two categories- love of self or love of God; To remember that fitting into skinny jeans or reading that set of books so I appear “well read” isn’t going to change anything of utter importance but steps taken in faith and truly loving my neighbor will. I want the Lord to sift me like flour, so I am evenly seasoned with His Word and demeanor. 

So instead of making a list, I’m changing my posture. Instead of saying, “I can do this,” I’m asking “will you do something unexpected in me?” I’m setting my sights on growing [like a weed] in Christlikeness hoping, knowing, anticipating all other aspirations  will either fall in-line or fall away. I’m trusting The Creator to do what he does and create a new me.

Less of me, more of Him in this new year with the same goal.